Since the 1950s, Muñoz y Pujante has been working on the world of taste, investing on tradition while always looking to the future, present each day in the world of food.
Funded in1954, Muñoz y Pujante is a company specialised on the manufacture and commercialization of paprika. It later expanded its activity to the development of processed complements for the meat industry.
With the second generation, in 1984, traditional work lines kept being developed and international expansion began with the importation spices and the exportation of the finished product. On 2009 the third generation starts its venture going for keeping the existing lines and expanding the Horeca channel, ecological produce, dehydrated fruit and vegetables and the consolidation international expansion making business on all 5 continents.
We are a company that has successfully gone through several generational changes. We are strong and well prepared when facing new challenges, without eradicating ourselves from the knowledge gained from previous experience.
Our years of experience ever-present commitment to keeping our fixed agreements with our clients vouch for us.
Sucesores de Muñoz y Pujante, S.L. has a young and innovative board of directors, with a clear academic profile in technology.
We consider quality control, from the selection of raw materials to the moment the final product is consumed, to be fundamental to achieve the quality standards we aim for. As such, we understand that constant innovation must be in our daily plans.
New business lines are still expanding such as the attention given to the Horeca sector and the marketing of dehydrated fruit and vegetables. Meanwhile, we do not abandon our traditional lines of paprika manufacture, spice grinding and the development of blends especially for the food industry.
Muñoz y Pujante offers a wide range of products, providing the market with new solutions thanks to its versatile and flexible structure.

We Are Quality

We are young, innovative, creative and well-prepared team. We are completely focused on the quality of our product, on providing a good service and on strictly fulfilling the contract deals agreed upon with our client. We understand these to be key issues to give our company a distinct value and in this way have a brand that is highly trusted by our clients.

Guarantee Certificates

Our commitment with the final consumer makes us provide top quality products that offer every guaranty of consumption.

Food Safety

It is what we base ourselves on to grow. In Muñoz y Pujante food safety is not an option, but an obligation. Each day we invest on food safety and we make the most of that investment by gaining quality, tranquillity and trust.

Growth Innovation

Continued investment on machinery and the improvement of our facilities and processes lead us to a constant growth and progress. We invest 100% on steady daily development.
Traditionally, the main market for Muñoz y Pujante has been the Spanish national market. The effort made in the last two decades to internationalize the company has placed Muñoz y Pujante in all five continents.
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